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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
401 asquear to cloy
402 astillar to smash
403 astringir to tighten
404 asumir to assume
405 asustar to frighten, scare, startle
406 atacar to attack
407 atañer to concern
408 atar to tie
409 atardecer to get late, to grow dark
410 atascar to obstruct, to block
411 atemperar to mollify
412 atender to attend to, pay attention to
413 atentar to attempt the life of someone
414 atenuar to attenuate
415 aterrar to fill with earth, to terrify
416 aterrizar to land
417 aterrorizar to terrorize
418 atestar to pack or cram, to testify
419 atestiguar to testify, to witness, to attest
420 atisbar to peek
421 atizar to stoke
422 atontar to flummox
423 atormentar to harass, tantalize
424 atornillar to screw
425 atracar to bolt
426 atraer to attract, draw, lure
427 atrapar to catch, to capture
428 atrasar to delay, to postpone, to put back
429 atravesar to cross, go across, pass through
430 atrever to dare
431 atribuir to attribute, to ascribe, to impute
432 atrofiar to stunt
433 atropellar to knock down, to run over, to abuse
434 aturdir to daze, numb, stun
435 aullar to howl, to yell, to cry
436 aumentar to increase, add to, rise
437 aunar to join, to combine
438 autentificar to authenticate, to legalize
439 autocar to coach
440 autorizar to authorize
441 auxiliar to help
442 avanzar to advance, move forward
443 aventajar to surpass
444 aventar to throw, to throw out
445 aventurar to hazard, to risk, to venture
446 avergonzar to embarrass
447 averiar to break down
448 averiguar to find out, discover
449 avisar to warn, inform, notify
450 avivar to enliven, quicken

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