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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
151 afianzar to secure
152 afilar to sharpen
153 afiliar to affiliate
154 afinar to tune, to refine
155 afirmar to steady, strengthen, to affirm
156 afligir to afflict, to trouble, to distress
157 aflojar to loosen
158 aflorar to surface
159 afluir to flock, to flow
160 aforar to assess, to value
161 aforrar to line
162 afrentar to insult, to affront
163 afrontar to face, to confront
164 agachar to lower, to bend, to bow down
165 agarrar to grasp
166 agarrochar to goad
167 agarrotar to garrote
168 agasajar to celebrate, to give honor
169 agilizar to speed up, to acelerate, to facilitate
170 agitar to agitate, to wave, to shake up
171 aglomerar to accumulate
172 agobiar to oppress
173 agonizar to agonize
174 agorar to predict
175 agostar to dehydrate
176 agotar to exhaust, to drain
177 agradar to please, be pleasing
178 agradecer to thank, to be thankful for
179 agrandar to enlarge
180 agravar to aggravate, to make worse
181 agredir to assault, to attack
182 agregar to add
183 agrupar to group, to divide or put
184 aguantar to put up with, endure
185 aguar to water down, to to spoil
186 aguardar to wait, to hold on
187 agudizar to sharpen, to worsen, to aggravate
188 aguijar to goad
189 agujerear to perforate, to make holes
190 aguzar to sharpen, whet
191 aherir to adherence, append, foist
192 ahogar to drown
193 ahondar to make deeper, deepen
194 ahorcar to hang (kill by hanging)
195 ahorquillar to prop up
196 ahorrar to save
197 ahuchar to urge on
198 ahuecar to hollow out
199 ahumar to smoke
200 ahuyentar to frighten off

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