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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
351 argüir to argue, to deduce
352 argumentar to argue
353 armar to arm, to put together, to assemble
354 armonizar to attune
355 arraigar to take root, to settle down
356 arrancar to start
357 arrasar to destroy, to win
358 arrastrar to drag, to crawl, to grovel (to somebody)
359 arrebatar to snatch
360 arredrar to disjoin, disrupt, dissociate, unlink
361 arreglar to arrange, repair, tidy up
362 arremeter to accrue
363 arrendar to rent
364 arrepentir to regret
365 arrestar to arrest, to detain, to confine
366 arriar to lower
367 arribar to arrive
368 arriesgar to risk, to take a risk
369 arrimar to bring nearer
370 arrodillar to kneel
371 arrojar to throw, cast
372 arrollar to roll, to knock down
373 arropar to endue
374 arrugar to wrinkle, to crumple up, to crease
375 arruinar to ruin, to wreck
376 arrullar to lull
377 articular to articulate
378 asaltar to assault, to attack, to rob
379 asar to roast
380 ascender to ascend, to promote
381 asear to clean, to straighten, to tidy up
382 asediar to besiege
383 asegurar to assure, secure, insure
384 asentar to put
385 asentir to nod
386 asesinar to murder
387 asesorar to advise, to counsel
388 aseverar to assert
389 asfaltar to asphalt
390 asfixiar to suffocate, to asphyxiate
391 asignar to assign, to allocate, to attribute
392 asimilar to assimilate, to absorb, to take in
393 asir to seize, to grasp, to take root
394 asistir to attend
395 asociar to associate, put together (resources)
396 asolar to destroy
397 asolear to sun, to get sunburnt
398 asomar to show, to stick out, to appear
399 asombrar to astonish, to amaze, to be astonished
400 aspirar to breath in, inhale, to aspire

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