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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
251 alumbrar to illuminate, to light
252 alzar to lift up, to rebel, to rise up in arms
253 amadrinar to be godmother to
254 amagar to threat
255 amalgamar to amalgamate
256 amamantar to breast feed
257 amanecer to dawn, to wake up
258 amar to love
259 amargar to spoil, to make bitter (person)
260 amarrar to tie up, to fasten, to moor
261 amartillar to hammer
262 amasar to knead, to mix, to amass
263 amenazar to threaten
264 americanizar to americanize
265 ametrallar to strafe
266 amistar to reconcile
267 amodorrar to get sleepy, to doze off, to get drowsy
268 amojonar to delimit
269 amolar to grind, to ruin, to annoy
270 amoldar to sculpt
271 amonestar to admonish, to reprimand, to advise
272 amontonar to amass
273 amordazar to gag, to muzzle, to silence
274 amorrar to pout, sulk
275 amortiguar to muffle, to soften, to deaden
276 amortizar to amortize
277 amotinar to riot
278 amparar to guard
279 ampliar to enlarge, to extend, to increase
280 amplificar to amplify
281 amputar to amputate
282 amueblar to furnish
283 añadir to add, to increase
284 analizar to analyze
285 anclar to anchor
286 andar to walk
287 añejar to age, to mature (wine, cheese)
288 anestesiar to anesthetize
289 anexar to affiliate
290 anhelar to long for, yearn for
291 anidar to nestle
292 anieblar to darken
293 animar to animate, to liven up
294 aniquilar to annihilate, to destroy, to exterminate
295 anochecer to get dark
296 añorar to be homesick, to miss, to long for
297 anotar to write down, to make a note, to annotate
298 ansiar to long for
299 anteponer to prefer, to place before
300 anticipar to anticipate, to foresee

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