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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
201 airar to anger
202 airear to air
203 aislar to isolate
204 ajar to rumple, to crumple, to garlic field
205 ajardinar to landscape
206 ajuiciar to bring to his/her sense
207 ajuntar to be friends with
208 ajustar to tighten up, to adjust, to fit
209 ajusticiar to execute
210 alabar to praise, to compliment
211 alabear to warp
212 alambrar to fence, to wire
213 alardear to boast
214 alargar to lengthen, to extend, to prolong
215 alarmar to alarm
216 albergar to house, to accommodate
217 alborear to dawn
218 alborotar to make a racket, to incite
219 alborozar to rejoice
220 alcahuetear to gossip
221 alcanzar to reach, catch up
222 alear to alloy
223 alebrestar to startle
224 aleccionar to lecture
225 alegar to allege, to assert, to plead
226 alegrar to make happy, cheer up
227 alejar to move further away
228 alentar to encourage, cheer, inspire
229 alertar to alert, to warn
230 aletargar to lull to sleep
231 aletear to flicker, flounder, waver
232 alienar to alienate
233 aligerar to lighten, to alleviate, to hurry
234 alimentar to feed
235 alinear to line up, to put into line, to align
236 alisar to smooth
237 alistar to enroll, to enlist, to join up
238 aliviar to alleviate, ease, relieve
239 allegar to bring closer
240 almacenar to store
241 almonedar to auction
242 almorzar to have lunch
243 alojar to lodge, to accomodate, to house
244 alongar to lengthen, renew
245 alquilar to rent, let
246 alterar to change, to alter, to disturb
247 altercar to quarrel
248 alternar to take turns
249 alucinar to hallucinate
250 aludir to allude, to refer

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