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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
301 antojar to fancy, to feel like
302 anublar to overcloud
303 anudar to knot, to tie
304 anular to annul, to cancel, to rescind
305 anunciar to announce
306 apaciguar to assuage, to calm
307 apadrinar to be godfather to
308 apagar to extinguish, put out, turn off
309 apalear to beat, to batter
310 apañar to grasp
311 aparcar to park
312 aparear to mate (animals), to pair off, to math up
313 aparecer to appear, show up
314 aparentar to seems to be, to show off, to feign
315 apartar to set apart, to separate, to step aside
316 apear to lean on, support
317 apenar to sadden
318 apestar to stink, to smell, to infect
319 apetecer to desire, to want
320 apilar to pile up, to heap up
321 aplastar to squash, to crush
322 aplaudir to applaud, cheer, clap
323 aplazar to postpone, to adjourn
324 aplicar to apply
325 apocar to make smaller, to diminish, to feel small
326 apoderar to empower
327 aporrear to bang, to hammer on
328 aportar to contribute
329 apostar to bet
330 apostrofar to apostrophize, to address
331 apoyar to support, hold up, to back
332 apreciar to appreciate, value, estimate, notice
333 aprehender to apprehend
334 aprender to learn
335 aprestar to make ready, prepare
336 apresurar to hurry, to rush
337 apretar to tighten, to squeeze, to press (against)
338 aprobar to pass (an exam, course)
339 aprovechar to take advantage of
340 aproximar to bring near, to approximate, to approach
341 apuñalar to stab
342 apuntar to inscribe, to note, to write down
343 apurar to drain to the last drop, to embarrass, to hurry up
344 aquietar to calm down, reassure, soothe, to appease
345 arañar to scratch
346 arar to plough
347 arbitrar to arbitrate
348 archivar to file
349 arder to burn
350 arengar to harangue

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