Master Those Verbs

The Linguasorb Spanish Verbs app is the most feature rich conjugation app available.

Translations for EVERY verb form, common verbs lists, quizzes, grammar, audio and more...



  • Works offline
  • English translation examples for EVERY single verb form
  • Audio for every infinitive form
  • Audio for every single verb form (Pro unlock only)
  • Slow audio for every verb form (Pro unlock only)
  • Practice quizzes for every tense
  • Most common verbs lists to prioritize your learning
  • Browse by letter
  • Save favorites
  • Explanations of each verb tense
  • Color highlighted irregular forms
  • Instant auto-complete search
  • Clean, sleek design
  • Option to remove ads (Pro unlock only)

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Great additional learning tool
I use this in conjunction with Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. Very helpful!

Petesayke Google Play

Great app
Simple. Has all the verbs and endings organised by popularity or you can search for any one you want.

Jay App Store

Linguasorb review
Fantastic app. Really helpful when learning a language to have a 'go to' place for verb conjugations.

Harlee_quin App Store

Best Spanish verb app there is
Have been a long time user of the website and glad to finally see it get an app too! This is the best resource out there for learning Spanish - great stuff!

Gherkinboy App Store

Absolutely fantastic app
So useful. If you only use on Spanish verb app make it this one. Well done to all involved.

Gary Lee Google Play

Excellent Spanish app
Easy to use and a great reference tool! Very comprehensive list of verbs. Overall a very helpful app for those wishing to perfect their Spanish grammar.

Judes Mamou App Store