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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
51 acariciar to caress
52 acarrear to carry, to transport, to entail
53 acartonar to weather
54 acatar to obey, to comply
55 acaudillar to lead
56 acceder to access
57 accionar to propel, to bring an action against, to act
58 acechar to lie in wait for
59 aceitar to oil, to grease, to lubricate
60 acelerar to accelerate, to speed, to hurry
61 acendrar to refine
62 acensuar to excise
63 acentuar to accent, to emphasize
64 aceptar to accept, approve, to agree to
65 acerar to coat in steel
66 acercar to bring near
67 acertar to guess right
68 acezar to puff and pant
69 achantar to intimidate
70 achatar to flatten
71 achicar to take in
72 achicharrar to feel extremely hot
73 aciberar to crush, kibble
74 acicalar to slick
75 acidificar to acidify
76 aclamar to acclaim
77 aclarar to explain, to clarify, to make clear
78 aclimatar to acclimatize
79 acobardar to unnerve, to intimidate
80 acoger to welcome, to receive
81 acogotar to choke, to strangle
82 acolchar to quilt, to pad
83 acollar to earth up
84 acometer to attack
85 acomodar to lodge, to accommodate, to find a place for
86 acompañar to accompany
87 acompasar to keep in step
88 acomplejar to give a complex
89 acongojar to distress, to grieve
90 aconsejar to advise
91 acontecer to happen, occur
92 acopiar to stockpile
93 acoplar to put together
94 acordar to decide, resolve, agree (on)
95 acortar to shorten
96 acosar to harass
97 acostar to put to bed
98 acostumbrar to be accustomed to
99 acotar to mark off, to make marginal notes or citations
100 acrecentar to increase

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