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Spanish Verbs Beginning with A

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
101 acreditar to accredit, to prove
102 acribillar to riddle, to bombard
103 acriminar to incriminate
104 acrisolar to refine (metal), to purify
105 acromatizar to achromatize
106 activar to activate
107 actualizar to update
108 actuar to act, perform, operate
109 acuartelar to billet, to quarter
110 acuatizar to land in the sea
111 acuchillar to knife, to cut, to slash
112 acuciar to plague, to pester
113 acudir to attend, go to
114 acuitar to afflict
115 acumular to accumulate
116 acunar to rock
117 acuñar to mint (money)
118 acusar to accuse
119 adaptar to adapt
120 adecentar to straighten up, to tidy up
121 adecuar to adapt
122 adelantar to advance, to progress, to go forward
123 adelgazar to slim, to loose weight
124 aderezar to season, to dress
125 adeudar to owe
126 adherir to adhere, to stick
127 adicionar to add
128 adiestrar to train ( animal )
129 adivinar to guess, predict
130 adjetivar to use adjectivally
131 adjudicar to award, to adjudicate
132 adjuntar to enclose, to attach
133 administrar to manage
134 admirar to admire, respect, look up to
135 admitir to admit, accept, allow, recognize
136 adoctrinar to indoctrinate
137 adolecer to suffer, to lack
138 adoptar to adopt
139 adorar to adore, worship
140 adormecer to make sleepy, to fall asleep, to turn numb
141 adornar to adorn, to decorate, embellish
142 adquirir to obtain, acquire, buy
143 aduanar to tariff
144 aducir to adduce
145 adular to adulate, flatter
146 adulterar to adulterate, corrupt
147 advertir to notice, observe, advise, warn
148 afanar to nick, to rush, to toil
149 afectar to affect
150 afeitar to shave

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