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Spanish Verbs Beginning with C

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
301 corroer to erode
302 corromper to corrupt, to bribe, to become corrupted
303 cortar to cut
304 cortejar to woo
305 cosechar to crop
306 coser to sew, sew up, to stitch
307 costar to cost
308 costear to defray
309 cotejar to compare, liken
310 cotillear to gossip
311 cotizar to quote prices, to prorate
312 crear to create, to make
313 crecer to grow (up)
314 creer to believe
315 crepuscular to dim
316 criar to raise (children etc), to nurse (babies), to breed, to bring up
317 cristalizar to crystallize
318 cristianizar to christianize
319 criticar to criticize
320 crucificar to crucify
321 crujir to creak, to grate, to crunch
322 cruzar to cross
323 cuadruplicar to quadruplicate
324 cuajar to clot, coagulate
325 cuantificar to quantify
326 cubrir to cover
327 cuchichear to whisper, to gossip
328 cuestionar to question, to ask
329 cuidar to take care of, look after
330 culminar to end, to culminate
331 culpar to blame, accuse, to condemn
332 cultivar to cultivate, to grow
333 cumplir to fulfil, carry out
334 curar to cure, to treat, dress (a wound)
335 curiosear to snuffle, sniff, sniffle
336 currar to work
337 cursar to study, to send, to process

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