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Spanish Verbs Beginning with C

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
251 constar to be clear, to be stated, to be composed of
252 constatar to verify, to state, to check
253 constituir to constitute
254 construir to build, construct
255 consultar to consult, to seek advice, to look up
256 consumar to achieve
257 consumir to consume, eat, use upe
258 contactar to contact
259 contagiar to infect, to transmit
260 contaminar to contaminate, pollute, to corrupt
261 contar to count, relate, tell
262 contemplar to contemplate
263 contemporizar to adapt oneself
264 contender to contend, to fight
265 contener to contain, hold
266 contentar to become happy, be glad
267 contestar to answer
268 continuar to continue
269 contradecir to contradict
270 contraer to contract, to infect, to shrink
271 contrahacer to clone
272 contraponer to compare, to contrast
273 contrastar to contrast
274 contratar to hire
275 contravenir to contravene
276 contribuir to contribute
277 controlar to control, to inspect, check
278 controvertir to contest
279 conturbar to disquiet, harass, unsettle
280 convalecer to convalesce
281 convencer to convince
282 convenir to agree, to suit, to be good for
283 converger to converge
284 convergir to converge
285 conversar to talk, converse, to tell, relate
286 convertir to convert, change
287 convidar to invite
288 convivir to live together, to coexist
289 convocar to call together
290 convulsionar to convulse
291 cooperar to cooperate
292 coordinar to coordinate
293 copiar to copy
294 copular to copulate
295 coquetear to flirt with
296 corregir to correct
297 correr to run
298 corresponder to correspond with
299 corretear to scamper
300 corroborar to corroborate

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