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Spanish Verbs Beginning with C

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
151 cohabitar to cohabit
152 cohibir to feel embarrassed, to inhibit
153 coincidir to coincide, agree
154 cojear to lame, to limp
155 colaborar to collaborate
156 colar to strain
157 colear to wag
158 coleccionar to collect
159 colectar to collect
160 colectivizar to collectivize
161 colgar to hang up, be hanging
162 colmar to fill up, to became sick of
163 colocar to locate, place
164 colonizar to colonize, settle
165 colorear to color, to dye
166 comandar to command
167 combatir to combat, fight, oppose, to attack
168 combinar to combine, to mix together, to arrange
169 comediar to halve
170 comedir to be moderate
171 comentar to comment on
172 comenzar to begin, start, commence
173 comer to eat
174 comercializar to commercialize
175 cometer to commit, to entrust
176 comisionar to assign, instruct
177 compadecer to feel sorry
178 comparar to compare
179 comparecer to appear
180 compartir to share, to divide (up)
181 compeler to force
182 compendiar to abridge
183 compensar to compensate, to make up for
184 competir to compete
185 compilar to compile
186 complacer to satisfy, to please
187 complementar to complete, to finish
188 completar to complete
189 complicar to complicate
190 componer to compose, make up, put together
191 comportar to behave
192 comprar to buy, purchase
193 comprender to understand, comprehend
194 comprimir to zip
195 comprobar to verify, to check
196 comprometer to compromise, to promise, to become engaged
197 computar to compute
198 comunicar to communicate, transmit, tell, pass on
199 concadenar to concatenate
200 concebir to concieve, to imagine, to understand

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