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Spanish Verbs Beginning with C

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
101 cesar to cease, stop
102 chamuscar to sear, singe
103 chancear to jest
104 chapar to cover, to plate with gold or silver
105 chapucear to fumble
106 charlar to chat, talk
107 charolar to enamel
108 chasquear to click, to snap, to crack
109 chatear to chat
110 chequear to check
111 chiflar to whistle, to be crazy about
112 chillar to howl, to yell, to screech
113 chinchar to annoy, to irritate
114 chirriar to creak
115 chismear to gossip
116 chismorrear to blab
117 chispear to scintillate, spray
118 chistar to utter
119 chocar to shock, startle, to be suprising, to collide
120 chochear to dote
121 chupar to suck, to absorb
122 cicatrizar to heal, to cicatrize
123 cifrar to cipher, encipher, scramble
124 cimentar to found
125 circuir to bypass, circumvent
126 circular to circulate, to flow
127 circuncidar to circumcise
128 circundar to surround, encompass, enfold
129 circunscribir to circumscribe
130 ciscar to smirch
131 citar to cite, to quote, to mention
132 civilizar to civilize
133 clamar to cry out
134 clarificar to clarify, illuminate, light (up), brighten
135 clasificar to classify, grade, rate
136 claudicar to limp
137 clavar to nail
138 coadunar to associate, unite, unify
139 coadyuvar to help, to assist, to contribute
140 coagular to thicken
141 cobijar to cover, to shelter
142 cobrar to charge (a price), to cash (a check), receive (an amount)
143 cocer to cook
144 cocinar to cook
145 codear to elbow, to nudge, to rub elbows with someone
146 codiciar to covet, desire
147 codificar to codify, encode
148 coercer to coerce
149 coexistir to coexist
150 coger to catch, grasp, take hold of

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