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Spanish Verbs Beginning with C

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
51 carcomer to consume, to eat away
52 cardar to card
53 carear to bring face to face
54 carecer to lack
55 carenar to careen
56 cargar to load, load up, to charge
57 cargosear to pester, to keep on at
58 caricaturizar to caricature
59 carnear to slaughter
60 carnerear to scab
61 carretear to crawl along
62 casar to marry
63 cascabelear to rattle
64 cascar to crack, to chip
65 castigar to punish, penalize
66 castrar to castrate
67 catalogar to catalog
68 catapultar to catapult
69 catar to taste, to sample, to test
70 catear to fail, to flunk
71 catequizar to catechize
72 caucionar to guarantee
73 causar to cause, to create, make
74 cautelar to guard against
75 cauterizar to cauterize
76 cautivar to captivate
77 cavar to dig, to sink, to hoe
78 cavilar to think
79 cazar to hunt, represent, stand for
80 cebar to fatten (animal)
81 cecear to pronounce the Spanish s as z like people in Spain
82 ceder to cede, to transfer, to diminish
83 cedular to issue identity cards to
84 cegar to blind
85 cejar to give up, to cease
86 celebrar to celebrate, to praise, applaud
87 cementar to cement
88 cenar to eat dinner, to dine
89 ceñir to fit
90 censar to take a census of
91 censurar to censor, criticize, blame
92 centellear to twinkle, to sparkle
93 centralizar to centralize
94 centrifugar to centrifuge
95 cepillar to brush
96 cercar to surround, to enclose
97 cercenar to circumcise
98 cernir to sift
99 cerrar to close, shut
100 certificar to certify, to assure, to guarantee

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