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Spanish Verbs Beginning with C

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
201 conceder to concede, to grant
202 concentrar to focus
203 concernir to concern
204 concertar to arrange
205 conciliar to conciliate
206 concluir to conclude, to finish
207 concordar to agree
208 concretar to sum up, to take shape
209 concurrir to participate, forgather
210 condenar to condemn, convict, sentence
211 condensar to condense
212 condescender to tolerate
213 condicionar to condition, to determine
214 condimentar to season, to flavour
215 conducir to drive, conduct
216 conectar to connect
217 confeccionar to make
218 conferir to confer
219 confesar to confess
220 confiar to trust, be trusting, entrust
221 confirmar to confirm, corroborate, endorse
222 confiscar to confiscate
223 confluir to converge, to meet
224 conformar to resign, to content oneself with, to conform
225 confrontar to confront
226 confundir to confuse
227 confutar to disprove, refute
228 congelar to freezen, to congeal
229 congeniar to harmonize
230 congestionar to congest, to become flushed
231 conglomerar to accumulate
232 congregar to assemble
233 conjugar to conjugate
234 conjurar to adjure, attest
235 conllevar to support
236 conmemorar to commemorate
237 conmover to affect
238 conmutar to commute
239 connotar to connote
240 conocer to know (people, places)
241 conquistar to conquer, overcome, win
242 consagrar to consecrate, devote
243 conseguir to get, obtain
244 consentir to consent to, to allow, permit, to tolerate
245 conservar to preserve, conserve, to keep, retain
246 considerar to consider
247 consistir to consist
248 consolar to console, to comfort
249 consolidar to assure
250 conspirar to conspire

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