Spanish Verbs Beginning with C

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 cabalgar to ride
2 cabecear to nod one's head when sleepy
3 caber to fit (in something)
4 cabrear to get angry, to make angry
5 cacarear to crow
6 cachar to understand, to see, to know
7 cachetear to slap
8 caducar to expire, to get out of date
9 caer to fall
10 cagar to shit, to crap
11 calafatear to calk, caulk
12 calar to soak
13 calcar to trace
14 calcificar to calcify
15 calcinar to char, burn
16 calcular to calculate, compute, add up
17 caldear to heat
18 calentar to heat (up), warm (up)
19 calibrar to calibrate
20 calificar to describe, to grade, to qualify
21 callar to keep quiet about, to hush
22 calmar to calm down
23 calumniar to asperse, slander, slur, traduce
24 calzar to shoe
25 cambiar to change
26 caminar to walk, go
27 campar to camp
28 camuflar to camouflage, to hide, to cover up
29 canalizar to canalize, to channel, to direct
30 cancelar to cancel, to wipe out, write off (debt)
31 canjear to exchange, to interchange
32 cañonear to shell, to bombard
33 canonizar to canonize
34 cansar to tire, wear out (someone or something)
35 cantar to sing
36 canturrear to sing softly to oneself
37 capacitar to train, to prepare
38 capar to castrate
39 capear to make passes at
40 capitalizar to capitalize
41 capitanear to command
42 capitular to surrender, to capitulate
43 capotar to overturn
44 captar to attract, to captivate, to tune in
45 capturar to capture, to arrest
46 caracterizar to characterize
47 caramelizar to coat with caramel
48 carbonizar to carbonize
49 carburar to carburet
50 carcajear to burst out, to laugh