Spanish Verbs Beginning with R

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
251 retroceder to go back, to recede
252 retumbar to din, thud, to drone
253 reunir to gather, meet, collect
254 revalidar to certify, ratify
255 revaluar to revalue
256 revelar to reveal, disclose, to develop (film)
257 revender to resell
258 reventar to burst
259 reverberar to reverberate
260 revertir to revert
261 revestir to decorate the walls
262 revisar to inspect, to revise, to check
263 revivir to revitalize
264 revocar to revoke, to plaster, to abolish
265 revolcar to revolt
266 revolotear to fly around
267 revolucionar to revolutionize
268 revolver to turn around
269 rezagar to bereave
270 rezar to pray
271 rezumar to ooze
272 ridiculizar to ridicule
273 rimar to rhyme
274 rivalizar to compete, vie
275 rizar to curl
276 robar to rob, steal, break into
277 rociar to spray, to sprinkle
278 rodar to roll, to travel
279 rodear to surround
280 roer to gnaw
281 rogar to plead, beg, ask for
282 romper to break
283 roncar to snore
284 roncear to dawdle, loiter
285 rondar to patrol, to hang around, to court
286 ronronear to purr
287 rotar to rotate, to take turns
288 rotular to label
289 rozar to touch, to brush
290 ruborizar to blush
291 rugir to roar, to rumble
292 rumiar to ruminate