Spanish Verbs Beginning with R

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
101 redactar to write
102 redimir to redeem, to ransom
103 redoblar to redouble
104 redondear to roundoff, round off
105 reducir to reduce
106 redundar to redound
107 reduplicar to reduplicate, redouble
108 reelegir to reelect
109 reembolsar to repay
110 reemplazar to replace
111 reencarnar to reincarnate
112 reenviar to resend, to return, to forward
113 reexpedir to reissue
114 referir to refer (to)
115 refinar to refine
116 reflejar to reflect
117 reflexionar to think, to consider, to reflect
118 reformar to reform
119 reforzar to reinforce
120 refractar to refract
121 refrenar to rein in, stop
122 refrescar to freshen, refresh
123 refrigerar to cool
124 refundir to recast
125 refutar to refute
126 regalar to give (as a gift), to present
127 regañar to scold, to tell off
128 regar to water, irrigate, spray
129 regatear to haggle
130 regenerar to regenerate
131 regentar to route
132 regir to rule, govern, be in charge of
133 registrar to register, record, to search
134 reglamentar to regulate
135 regocijar to delight, to fill with joy
136 regresar to return, go back
137 regular to regulate, adjust, control
138 regularizar to regularize
139 regurgitar to regurgitate
140 rehabilitar to reinstate
141 rehacer to remake
142 rehogar to braise
143 rehuir to shy away from
144 rehusar to refuse
145 reinar to reign, rule
146 reincidir to backslide, to relapse
147 reinstalar to reinstall
148 reintegrar to refund, to reimburse
149 reír to laugh
150 reiterar to reiterate, to repeat