Spanish Verbs Beginning with R

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
201 reposar to rest, to lie
202 reprender to reprimand, to scold, to tell off
203 representar to represent
204 reprimir to repress, to check, to repress oneself
205 reprobar to reprove, to disapprove
206 reprochar to reproach
207 reproducir to reproduce
208 repudiar to disavow, disown, repudiate
209 repugnar to hate
210 requerir to require, to request, to call for
211 resbalar to slide, to skid
212 rescatar to rescue, to save, to recover
213 resecar to over dry
214 reseñar to review
215 reservar to reserve, to keep, keep in reserve
216 resfriar to catch a cold
217 residir to reside, to live
218 resistir to resist, to endure, to bear
219 resollar to snort
220 resolver to solve, to resolve, to settle (a debt, matter)
221 resonar to resonate
222 resoplar to puff
223 resorber to reabsorb
224 respaldar to endorse
225 respetar to respect
226 respirar to breathe, breathe in, inhale
227 resplandecer to shine
228 responder to respond, answer, reply to
229 restablecer to restore
230 restar to subtract, to deduct, to reduce
231 restaurar to restore
232 restituir to restitute, to restore, to return
233 restregar to scour, to scrub , to chafe
234 restringir to restrict
235 resucitar to resuscitate
236 resultar to turn out (to be)
237 resumir to sum up, to condense, to summarize
238 resurgir to reappear, to reemerge
239 retar to challenge
240 retardar to slow down, to delay
241 retemblar to tremble
242 retener to retain
243 retirar to remove, retire, withdraw (money)
244 retocar to freshen, refresh
245 retorcer to wring
246 retozar to frolic, to smooch
247 retraer to retract, to put off, to dissuade
248 retrasar to delay, to defer
249 retratar to paint a portrait
250 retribuir to repay, to recompense, to reward