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Spanish Verbs Beginning with R

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
151 reivindicar to claim back, reclaim
152 rejuvenecer to rejuvenate
153 relacionar to relate, to connect, to put in touch
154 relajar to relax
155 relamer to smack one's lips
156 relanzar to throw back, to repel
157 relatar to relate, to recount
158 relegar to relegate
159 relevar to emboss, to relieve, to replace
160 rellenar to refill, to fill with, to fill in
161 relucir to shine
162 relumbrar to dazzle, to sparkle
163 remar to row
164 remarcar to emphasize, to underline
165 rematar to liquidate
166 rembolsar to refund, reimburse
167 remediar to remedy
168 remendar to improve
169 remirar to look over again
170 remitir to refer, to remit
171 remojar to soak, to steep, to dunk
172 remolcar to tow, to tug, to drag
173 remontar to go up, to move up, to overcome
174 remorder to feel guilty
175 remover to remove
176 remplazar to replace
177 remunerar to remunerate
178 renacer to be reborn
179 rendir to render, to give up
180 renegar to apostatize
181 reñir to quarrel, fight, tell off, reprimand
182 renombrar to rename
183 renovar to renew, to renovate
184 rentar to rent, yield
185 renunciar to renounce, surrender, resign
186 reorganizar to reorganize
187 reparar to repair, mend, restore
188 repartir to distribute, to allot
189 repasar to review, to do again, to revise
190 repatriar to repatriate
191 repensar to rethink
192 repesar to reweigh
193 repetir to repeat
194 repicar to sound, ring, toll
195 repintar to repaint
196 replantar to replant
197 replegar to fold
198 replicar to reply, answer back
199 reponer to replace, to reinstate, to recover
200 reportar to bring, carry, to obtain, to report, to accuse

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