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Spanish Verbs Beginning with R

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
51 rebosar to brim
52 rebotar to bounce, to rebound
53 rebozar to coat (in butter etc)
54 rebrotar to produce, to sprout
55 rebuscar to search carefully
56 recabar to manage to obtain, to request
57 recaer to fall, to fall again, to fall back
58 recalentar to reheat, to warm over
59 recapacitar to reconsider
60 recapitular to recapitulate
61 recargar to recharge, to overload, to overdecorate
62 recatar to conceal
63 recauchutar to recap
64 recaudar to take, to collect, to recover
65 recelar to distrust
66 recetar to prescribe
67 rechazar to reject, to push back, repel
68 rechinar to gnash, squeak
69 recibir to receive, to welcome, greet
70 reciclar to recycle, to retrain (a person)
71 recitar to recite, to read
72 reclamar to demand, to protest, to complain
73 reclinar to recline
74 recluir to imprison, to lock up, to confine
75 reclutar to recruit
76 recobrar to recover, to recuperate
77 recoger to pick up
78 recolectar to harvest, to gather, to collect
79 recomendar to recommend
80 recomenzar to recommence
81 recompensar to reward
82 reconciliar to reconcile, to make it up
83 reconocer to recognize
84 reconquistar to reconquer
85 reconsiderar to reconsider
86 reconstituir to reconstitute, recontruct
87 reconstruir to reconstruct, to rebuild
88 reconvertir to reconvert, to restructure
89 recopilar to compile
90 recordar to remember, remind
91 recorrer to travel
92 recortar to cut, to trim
93 recostar to lay
94 recrear to re-create, recreate
95 recriminar to disburden, disencumber, exonerate
96 recrudecer to break down again
97 rectificar to emend, rectify
98 recular to flinch
99 recuperar to recuperate, to recover
100 recurrir to resort to, to turn to

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