Spanish Verbs Beginning with R

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 rabiar to rage
2 racionalizar to rationalize
3 racionar to ration
4 radiar to radiate
5 radicalizar to radicalize, to intensify
6 radicar to lie
7 radiografiar to x-ray
8 raer to scrape, to smooth
9 rajar to crack, to tear
10 rallar to grate, to shred
11 ramificar to branch
12 ramonear to browse
13 rapar to shave (head)
14 raptar to kidnap
15 rarificar to dilute
16 rasar to round down, wipe off
17 rascar to scratch, to scrape, to rasp
18 rasgar to tear
19 rasguear to strum
20 raspar to scrape
21 rasquetear to scrape, to groom
22 rastrear to track, to trail
23 rastrillar to rake
24 rasurar to shave
25 ratificar to ratify
26 rayar to scratch, to line, to border
27 razonar to reason
28 reabrir to reopen
29 reaccionar to react
30 reactivar to reactivate
31 readmitir to readmit
32 reafirmar to reaffirm
33 reagrupar to regroup, resettle
34 realizar to achieve, attain, accomplish
35 realzar to enhance
36 reamar to rearm
37 reanimar to reanimate
38 reanudar to restart, to resume, to renew
39 reaparecer to reappear
40 rearmar to rearm
41 reasumir to reassume
42 reavivar to revive
43 rebajar to reduce, to discount, to humiliated
44 rebanar to slice
45 rebañar to mop up (informal)
46 rebasar to outgrow
47 rebatir to refute
48 rebelar to rebel, to revolt
49 reblandecer to soften
50 rebobinar to rewind