Spanish Verbs Beginning with S

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
151 sucumbir to succumb
152 sudar to perspire
153 sufrir to suffer, to undergo, experience
154 sugerir to suggest
155 sugestionar to influence
156 suicidar to commit suicide
157 sujetar to hold, to fasten, to secure
158 sumar to add (math)
159 sumergir to submerge
160 suministrar to supply, to provide
161 sumir to plunge
162 superar to overcome, to surpass
163 superponer to overlap, overlay, superpose
164 supervisar to supervise
165 suplantar to supplant, to take the place of
166 suplicar to supplicate, to beg, to implore
167 suponer to suppose
168 suprimir to suppress, to omit, to cancel
169 suputar to calculate, compute, quote
170 surcar to plough
171 surgir to arise, emerge, spring up, come out
172 surtir to supply, to stock, to provide
173 suscitar to evoke
174 suscribir to subscribe
175 suspender to suspend, to cancel, to hang
176 suspirar to sigh
177 sustituir to substitute, replace
178 sustraer to steal, to remove, to subtract
179 susurrar to whisper
180 sutilizar to file, to refine