Spanish Verbs Beginning with S

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
51 separar to separate
52 sepultar to bury
53 ser to be (essential/permanent quality)
54 serenar to soothe, to calm
55 sermonear to sermonize
56 serrar to saw
57 servir to serve
58 sesgar to slant, to slope
59 sestear to have a siesta
60 signar to sign
61 significar to signify, mean
62 silabear to syllabify
63 silbar to whistle
64 silenciar to silence, to keep, to quiet
65 simbolizar to symbolize, represent, stand for
66 similar to similar
67 simpatizar to hit if off, to get along
68 simplificar to simplify
69 simular to pretend, to simulate
70 simultanear to do together
71 sincopar to syncopate
72 sincronizar to synchronize, to time, to tune in
73 sindicar to acusar, to charge with
74 singularizar to make special
75 sintetizar to synthesize, to summarize
76 sintonizar to tune in, to syntonize
77 sistematizar to systematize
78 sitiar to besiege
79 situar to place, put, situate
80 sobornar to bribe
81 sobrar to surpass, to remain
82 sobrealimentar to overfeed
83 sobrecargar to overburden, overstress
84 sobreentender to presuppose
85 sobregirar to overdraw
86 sobrepasar to exceed, outclass, outnumber
87 sobreponer to superimpose
88 sobrepujar to outclass, surpass
89 sobresalir to stand out, to excel
90 sobresaltar to frighten, to attack, to alarm
91 sobrescribir to overtype, overwrite, superscribe
92 sobrestimar to overestimate
93 sobrevenir to come upon, to happen
94 sobrevivir to survive, outlive, outlast
95 sobrevolar to fly over
96 socavar to dig
97 socializar to socialize
98 socorrer to help, to aid
99 sofocar to suffocate, to stifle, to smother
100 solapar to overlap