Spanish Verbs Beginning with S

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
101 solazar to amuse
102 soldar to weld
103 solear to bask
104 solemnizar to solemnize
105 soler to be accustomed to
106 solicitar to request
107 solidificar to solidify
108 soliviantar to discompose
109 sollozar to sob, to whimper
110 soltar to loosen
111 solucionar to solve
112 solventar to settle
113 sombrar to shade
114 sombrear to overshadow
115 someter to submit
116 sonar to sound, to ring
117 soñar to dream
118 sondar to probe
119 sondear to sound, to probe, to sound out
120 sonreír to smile
121 soplar to blow
122 soportar to support, hold up, to tolerate
123 sorber to slurp, to soak
124 sorprender to surprise, startle, amaze
125 sortear to draw lots of, to raffle, to overcome
126 sosegar to calm
127 sospechar to suspect
128 sostener to support, to hold up
129 soterrar to bury
130 suavizar to soften
131 subarrendar to sublease
132 subastar to auction
133 subdividir to subdivide
134 subestimar to underestimate, underrate
135 subexponer to underexpose
136 subir to go up, rise, move up, climb, raise up
137 sublevar to incite to rebellion, to infuriate
138 sublimar to sublimate, to sublime
139 subordinar to subordinate
140 subrayar to underline
141 subscribir to underwrite
142 subseguir to follow immediately, to continue
143 subsistir to subsist
144 substituir to substitute
145 substraer to substract
146 subvencionar to subsidize
147 subvenir to provide for needs
148 subvertir to subvert
149 subyugar to subjugate
150 suceder to happen, to succeed, follow