Spanish Verbs Beginning with S

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 saber to know (information)
2 saborear to enjoy
3 sabotear to sabotage
4 sacar to take out, stick out
5 saciar to satiate
6 sacrificar to sacrifice
7 sacudir to shake, beat, flap
8 salar to salt, to season with salt
9 saldar to sell off , to settle, to pay off
10 salir to leave, go out
11 salivar to salivate
12 salpicar to sprinkle, to spray
13 saltar to jump, leap, to jump over, to omit
14 saltear to sauté
15 saludar to greet, salute, hail, welcome
16 salvar to save, rescue, to except, exclude
17 sanar to heal
18 sancionar to sanction, to authorize, to punish
19 sanear to reorganize
20 sangrar to bleed
21 santificar to sanctify
22 santiguar to bless, to make the sign of the cross over
23 saquear to pillage, to loot, to sack
24 sargentear to boss around
25 satirizar to satirize
26 satisfacer to satisfy, to pay (debts)
27 saturar to saturate
28 sazonar to season
29 secar to dry, dry off, wipe dry
30 secretar to eliminate
31 secretear to whisper, to gossip
32 secuestrar to kidnap, to hijack
33 secularizar to secularize
34 secundar to help, to aid
35 sedar to soothe, to quiet, to sedate
36 seducir to seduce
37 segar to cut off, to harvest
38 segmentar to segment
39 segregar to segregate
40 seguir to follow, continue
41 seleccionar to select, to choose
42 sellar to stamp, to seal
43 sembrar to seed
44 semejar to resemble
45 señalar to point out, indicate, to signal
46 señalizar to signpost
47 sensibilizar to sensitize
48 sentar to seat, sit (someone down)
49 sentenciar to sentence
50 sentir to feel, regret