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Spanish Verbs Beginning with I

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
101 inspirar to inspire, to inhale, to breathe in
102 instalar to install, to set up, erect
103 instar to urge, to press, to be urgent
104 instaurar to found
105 instigar to instigate
106 instilar to instill
107 instituir to establish, to institute
108 instruir to instruct, to train, to teach
109 insultar to insult
110 integrar to compose, to make up
111 intensificar to intensify, to make stronger
112 intentar to try, attempt
113 intercalar to collate
114 intercambiar to interchange, to exchange, to swap
115 interceder to intercede
116 interceptar to intercept, to block
117 interesar to interest, be of interest (to)
118 interferir to interfere
119 intermediar to mediate, to intercede, to intervene
120 internacionalizar to internationalize
121 interpolar to interpolate
122 interponer to interpose
123 interpretar to interpret, to translate
124 interrogar to interrogate, to question
125 interrumpir to break, to interrupt
126 intervenir to intervene
127 intimar to signalize, to announce
128 intimidar to daunt, intimidate, overawe
129 intrigar to intrigue, to interest
130 introducir to introduce, insert
131 intuir to sense
132 inundar to flood, overflow
133 invadir to invade, overrun
134 invalidar to devitalize, invalidate, rebut
135 inventar to invent
136 invernar to hibernate
137 invertir to invest
138 investigar to investigate
139 investir to invest
140 invitar to invite
141 invocar to invoke
142 involucrar to involve, to get involved
143 inyectar to inject
144 ir to go
145 ironizar to ridiculize, to treat ironically
146 irradiar to irradiate, to radiate
147 irrigar to irrigate
148 irritar to irritate, to become exaspered
149 italianizar to italianize
150 izar to hoist, to haul up

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