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Spanish Verbs Beginning with I

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
51 indexar to index
52 indicar to indicate
53 indignar to make angry, to get angry
54 indisponer to disable, to indispose
55 individualizar to individualize
56 inducir to induce
57 indultar to pardon
58 industrializar to industrialize
59 infamar to defame
60 infectar to infect
61 inferir to infer, to deduce, to cause
62 infestar to infest
63 infiltrar to infiltrate
64 inflamar to inflame, to ignite, to catch fire
65 inflar to inflate
66 infligir to enjoin, to inflict, to impose
67 influenciar to influence
68 influir to influence
69 informar to inform, tell, announce
70 infravalorar to undervalue
71 infringir to infringe
72 infundir to inspire, to arouse
73 ingeniar to devise, to think up
74 ingerir to ingest
75 ingresar to enter, to go in, to deposit
76 inhabilitar to disqualify, to disable, to incapacitate
77 inhalar to inhale
78 inhibir to inhibit
79 inhumar to bury
80 iniciar to initiate, begin, start
81 injerir to ingest
82 injertar to graft
83 injuriar to offend, slight
84 inmigrar to immigrate
85 inmiscuir to mix, to interfere in
86 inmolar to immolate
87 inmortalizar to immortalize
88 inmovilizar to immobilize
89 inmunizar to immunize
90 innovar to innovate
91 inocular to inoculate
92 inquietar to disturb
93 inquirir to enquire
94 inscribir to enroll
95 insensibilizar to desensitize
96 insertar to insert
97 insidiar to outwit
98 insinuar to insinuate
99 insistir to insist
100 inspeccionar to inspect

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