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The Most Common Irregular Verbs in Spanish

Many of the most common verbs in Spanish are irregular meaning you have to learn the verb forms individually. In fact the 13 most common verbs are ALL irregular. The list below is ordered by frequency of use.

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No. Spanish English
76 significar to signify, mean
77 reunir to gather, meet, collect
78 construir to build, construct
79 desaparecer to disappear
80 andar to walk
81 preferir to prefer
82 crecer to grow (up)
83 surgir to arise, emerge, spring up, come out
84 entregar to deliver, hand over
85 colocar to locate, place
86 establecer to establish
87 actuar to act, perform, operate
88 acordar to decide, resolve, agree (on)
89 romper to break
90 adquirir to obtain, acquire, buy
91 lanzar to throw, hurl, cast, fling
92 negar to deny, refuse
93 avanzar to advance, move forward
94 resolver to solve, to resolve, to settle (a debt, matter)
95 costar to cost
96 exigir to demand, require
97 recoger to pick up
98 imponer to impose, enforce
99 obligar to oblige
100 aplicar to apply

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