Top ER Spanish Verbs

Spanish verb forms vary depending on the ending of the verb in its infinitive form. This list shows the most commonly used Spanish -er verbs.

Click through to view the different forms and tenses for each verb.

Irregular verbs are in red

No. Spanish English
1 ser to be (essential/permanent quality)
2 haber to have (to do something, auxiliary verb)
3 tener to have
4 hacer to do, make
5 poder to be able, can
6 ver to see
7 saber to know (information)
8 querer to want, love
9 deber to owe, must, should, ought to
10 poner to put, place, set
11 parecer to seem, appear
12 creer to believe
13 volver to return, go back
14 conocer to know (people, places)
15 perder to lose
16 entender to understand
17 aparecer to appear, show up
18 mantener to maintain, get
19 leer to read
20 caer to fall
21 traer to bring, to get, fetch, to carry
22 suponer to suppose
23 comprender to understand, comprehend
24 reconocer to recognize
25 nacer to be born