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Spanish Verbs Beginning with V

Irregular verb forms

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No. Spanish English
51 vitrificar to vitrify
52 vituperar to scold, to condemn
53 vivificar to revitalize
54 vivir to live
55 vocalizar to vocalize
56 vocear to voice, to shout, to yell
57 vociferar to shout, to yell
58 volar to fly
59 volatizar to volatilize
60 volcar to upset
61 volear to turn, to toss
62 voltear to turn over, to knock down
63 volver to return, go back
64 vomitar to vomit, throw up, bring up
65 vosear to address a person using the vos form
66 votar to vote
67 vulcanizar to vulcanize
68 vulgarizar to vulgarize
69 vulnerar to infringe, to violate

Learn 4 shortcuts to rapid Spanish

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