Spanish Verbs Beginning with V

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 vacar to fall vacant, to be left vacant
2 vaciar to empty
3 vacilar to hesitate
4 vacunar to vaccinate
5 vadear to wade
6 vagabundear to roam, to idle
7 vagar to roam, to wander
8 valer to be worth
9 validar to validate
10 vallar to fence in, to barricade
11 valorar to value
12 valorizar to value, to fix the price
13 valsar to waltz
14 vapulear to beat
15 variar to vary
16 vaticinar to foretell, to predict
17 vedar to prohibit, to forbid
18 vegetar to grow, to vegetate
19 velar to watch, to keep a vigil over
20 vencer to conquer, defeat, overcome
21 vendar to bandage
22 vender to sell
23 venerar to revere, to worship
24 vengar to avenge, to take revenge
25 venir to come
26 ventear to sniff, to air
27 ventilar to ventilate
28 ver to see
29 veranear to spend the summer
30 verificar to verify, check, inspect
31 versar to be on
32 versificar to versify
33 verter to spill
34 vestir to dress (someone)
35 vetar to veto
36 viajar to travel, journey
37 vibrar to vibrate
38 viciar to get into a bad habit
39 vigilar to watch, to guard, to invigilate
40 vigorizar to invigorate
41 vincular to link
42 vindicar to vindicate
43 violar to violate, to rape
44 violentar to force
45 virar to tack, to turn round
46 visar to endorse, to visa
47 visitar to visit
48 vislumbrar to glimpse, to see
49 visualizar to see, to make out, to discern
50 vitorear to cheer