Spanish Verbs Beginning with G

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 galardonar to award
2 galopar to gallop
3 galvanizar to galvanize
4 ganar to win, gain, earn, get, acquire
5 gandulear to stroll
6 garabatear to scrabble, scrawl
7 garantir to avouch, ensure, guaranty, underwrite
8 garantizar to guarranty
9 gargarizar to gargle
10 gastar to spend, expend, to use up, consume
11 gatear to crawl, to clamber, to climb
12 gemir to moan
13 generalizar to generalize
14 generar to produce
15 germinar to germinate
16 gesticular to gesticulate
17 gestionar to negotiate
18 gimotear to whine
19 girar to turn, to revolve
20 glorificar to glorify, praise
21 gobernar to govern
22 golpear to beat, to strike, to hit
23 gotear to leak, to drip
24 gozar to enjoy
25 grabar to record
26 graduar to graduate (someone)
27 granar to bear fruit
28 granear to granulate
29 granizar to hail
30 granjear to win
31 granular to granulate
32 gratinar to brown
33 gravar to burden
34 gravitar to gravitate
35 graznar to caw, to honk, to quack
36 gritar to shout, yell, scream, cry out
37 gruñir to grunt, growl
38 guardar to guard, protect, to keep
39 guarecer to give shelter
40 guiar to guide
41 guiñar to wink
42 guinchar to perforate, pierce
43 guisar to stew
44 gustar to please, be pleasing