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The Most Essential Spanish AR Verbs

All Spanish verbs in their infinitive form end in -ar, -er, or -ir. The ending will affect how the verb is conjugated.

-ar verbs are the most common verb type in Spanish, so you’ll encounter them a lot.

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To form AR verbs in the present form you remove the -ar and add the following endings depending on who is performing the verb's action.

Conjugate AR Verbs in the Present Tense

Add this ending hablar / to speak
yo -o hablo
-as hablas
él/ella/Ud. -a habla
nosotros -amos hablamos
vosotros -áis habláis
ellos/ellas/Uds. -an hablan

See how to conjugate other tenses.

The top 100 Spanish AR verbs you should know

Here are the 100 most common verbs in Spanish ending in -ar, listed in order of frequency of use. Use them to optimize your learning by starting with the most important verbs.

Click each verb to view the conjugations in different forms and tenses, and for quizzes to test your knowledge.

Irregular verbs are in red

No. Spanish English
51 olvidar to forget
52 mostrar to show
53 ocupar to occupy
54 continuar to continue
55 fijar to fix, fasten, secure
56 acercar to bring near
57 dedicar to dedicate
58 comprar to buy, purchase
59 evitar to avoid, to prevent
60 interesar to interest, be of interest (to)
61 cerrar to close, shut
62 echar to throw, cast, fling
63 importar to import, to be important
64 observar to observe
65 indicar to indicate
66 imaginar to imagine
67 desarrollar to develop, expand, to unroll, unwind, to unfold
68 señalar to point out, indicate, to signal
69 preparar to prepare, get (something) ready
70 demostrar to demonstrate, show
71 significar to signify, mean
72 faltar to lack, be lacking, be missing
73 acompañar to accompany
74 desear to desire, want, wish
75 enseñar to teach, instruct, train, educate