100 Most Common Spanish Verbs

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Irregular verbs are in red.

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No. Spanish English
76 aceptar to accept, approve, to agree to
77 realizar to achieve, attain, accomplish
78 suponer to suppose
79 comprender to understand, comprehend
80 lograr to get, obtain, to achieve, attain
81 explicar to explain
82 preguntar to ask, inquire
83 tocar to touch, to play (an instrument)
84 reconocer to recognize
85 estudiar to study
86 alcanzar to reach, catch up
87 nacer to be born
88 dirigir to direct
89 correr to run
90 utilizar to use, utilize
91 pagar to pay, pay for
92 ayudar to help
93 gustar to please, be pleasing
94 jugar to play (a game or sport)
95 escuchar to listen, hear
96 cumplir to fulfil, carry out
97 ofrecer to offer
98 descubrir to discover
99 levantar to raise, to lift
100 intentar to try, attempt

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