Most Common Irregular Verbs in Spanish

Many of the most common verbs in Spanish are irregular meaning you have to learn the verb forms individually. In fact the 13 most common verbs are ALL irregular. The list below is ordered by frequency of use.

1 ser to be (essential/permanent quality) ser conjugation
2 estar to be (health, location, state) estar conjugation
3 tener to have tener conjugation
4 hacer to do, make hacer conjugation
5 poder to be able, can poder conjugation
6 decir to say, tell decir conjugation
7 ir to go ir conjugation
8 ver to see ver conjugation
9 dar to give dar conjugation
10 saber to know (information) saber conjugation
11 querer to want, love querer conjugation
12 llegar to arrive, come, reach llegar conjugation
13 poner to put, place, set poner conjugation
14 parecer to seem, appear parecer conjugation
15 creer to believe creer conjugation
16 seguir to follow, continue seguir conjugation
17 encontrar to find, encounter encontrar conjugation
18 venir to come venir conjugation
19 pensar to think pensar conjugation
20 salir to leave, go out salir conjugation
21 volver to return, go back volver conjugation
22 conocer to know (people, places) conocer conjugation
23 sentir to feel, regret sentir conjugation
24 contar to count, relate, tell contar conjugation
25 empezar to begin, start empezar conjugation
26 buscar to search for, look for buscar conjugation
27 escribir to write escribir conjugation
28 perder to lose perder conjugation
29 producir to produce producir conjugation
30 entender to understand entender conjugation
31 pedir to request, ask for pedir conjugation
32 recordar to remember, remind recordar conjugation
33 aparecer to appear, show up aparecer conjugation
34 conseguir to get, obtain conseguir conjugation
35 comenzar to begin, start, commence comenzar conjugation
36 servir to serve servir conjugation
37 sacar to take out, stick out sacar conjugation
38 mantener to maintain, get mantener conjugation
39 leer to read leer conjugation
40 caer to fall caer conjugation
41 abrir to open abrir conjugation
42 oír to hear oír conjugation
43 convertir to convert, change convertir conjugation
44 traer to bring, to get, fetch, to carry traer conjugation
45 morir to die morir conjugation
46 realizar to achieve, attain, accomplish realizar conjugation
47 suponer to suppose suponer conjugation
48 explicar to explain explicar conjugation
49 tocar to touch, to play (an instrument) tocar conjugation
50 reconocer to recognize reconocer conjugation
51 alcanzar to reach, catch up alcanzar conjugation
52 nacer to be born nacer conjugation
53 dirigir to direct dirigir conjugation
54 utilizar to use, utilize utilizar conjugation
55 pagar to pay, pay for pagar conjugation
56 jugar to play (a game or sport) jugar conjugation
57 ofrecer to offer ofrecer conjugation
58 descubrir to discover descubrir conjugation
59 repetir to repeat repetir conjugation
60 valer to be worth valer conjugation
61 mostrar to show mostrar conjugation
62 mover to move mover conjugation
63 continuar to continue continuar conjugation
64 acercar to bring near acercar conjugation
65 dedicar to dedicate dedicar conjugation
66 cerrar to close, shut cerrar conjugation
67 obtener to obtain, get obtener conjugation
68 indicar to indicate indicar conjugation
69 soler to be accustomed to soler conjugation
70 detener to stop, to hold up, delay, to arrest, detain detener conjugation
71 elegir to elect, choose elegir conjugation
72 proponer to propose proponer conjugation
73 demostrar to demonstrate, show demostrar conjugation
74 significar to signify, mean significar conjugation
75 construir to build, construct construir conjugation
76 desaparecer to disappear desaparecer conjugation
77 andar to walk, go andar conjugation
78 preferir to prefer preferir conjugation
79 crecer to grow (up) crecer conjugation
80 surgir to arise, emerge, spring up, come out, appear surgir conjugation
81 entregar to deliver, hand over entregar conjugation
82 colocar to locate, place colocar conjugation
83 establecer to establish establecer conjugation
84 actuar to act, perform, operate actuar conjugation
85 acordar to decide, resolve, agree (on) acordar conjugation
86 romper to break romper conjugation
87 lanzar to throw, hurl, cast, fling lanzar conjugation
88 negar to deny, refuse negar conjugation
89 avanzar to advance, move forward avanzar conjugation
90 resolver to solve, to resolve, to settle (a debt, matter) resolver conjugation
91 costar to cost costar conjugation
92 exigir to demand, require exigir conjugation
93 recoger to pick up recoger conjugation
94 obligar to oblige obligar conjugation
95 aplicar to apply aplicar conjugation
96 pertenecer to belong, pertain pertenecer conjugation
97 provocar to provoke provocar conjugation
98 defender to defend defender conjugation
99 marcar to mark, stamp, to show, indicate marcar conjugation
100 constituir to constitute constituir conjugation

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