100 Most Common Spanish Verbs

This is a good place for beginners to find the most common spanish verbs to learn. The order of the list is an approximation based on a variety of sources.

For more verbs, all with full conjugations, see the full list of Spanish verbs

Irregular verbs are in red.

1 serto be (essential/permanent quality)ser conjugation
2 estarto be (health, location, state)estar conjugation
3 tenerto havetener conjugation
4 hacerto do, makehacer conjugation
5 poderto be able, canpoder conjugation
6 decirto say, telldecir conjugation
7 irto goir conjugation
8 verto seever conjugation
9 darto givedar conjugation
10 saberto know (information)saber conjugation
11 quererto want, lovequerer conjugation
12 llegarto arrive, come, reachllegar conjugation
13 pasarto pass, to pass on, to spend (time), to happenpasar conjugation
14 deberto owe, must, should, ought todeber conjugation
15 ponerto put, place, setponer conjugation
16 parecerto seem, appearparecer conjugation
17quedarto stay, remainquedar conjugation
18 creerto believecreer conjugation
19 hablarto speakhablar conjugation
20llevarto carry, bringllevar conjugation
21 dejarto leave, abandon, to let, allowdejar conjugation
22 seguirto follow, continueseguir conjugation
23 encontrarto find, encounterencontrar conjugation
24 llamarto call, to namellamar conjugation
25 venir to come venir conjugation
26 pensarto thinkpensar conjugation
27 salirto leave, go outsalir conjugation
28 volverto return, go backvolver conjugation
29 tomarto take, drinktomar conjugation
30 conocerto know (people, places)conocer conjugation
31 vivirto livevivir conjugation
32 sentirto feel, regretsentir conjugation
33tratarto treat, handletratar conjugation
34 mirarto watch, look atmirar conjugation
35 contarto count, relate, tellcontar conjugation
36 empezarto begin, startempezar conjugation
37 esperarto hopeesperar conjugation
38 buscarto search for, look forbuscar conjugation
39existirto existexistir conjugation
40 entrarto enter, go in, come inentrar conjugation
41 trabajarto worktrabajar conjugation
42 escribirto writeescribir conjugation
43 perderto loseperder conjugation
44producirto produceproducir conjugation
45ocurrirto occur, happenocurrir conjugation
46 entenderto understandentender conjugation
47 pedirto request, ask forpedir conjugation
48 recibirto receive, to welcome, greetrecibir conjugation
49 recordarto remember, remindrecordar conjugation
50 terminarto finish, endterminar conjugation

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