Top 100 Regular Spanish Verbs

The conjugations for all these regular verbs can be learnt by learning the 3 forms for verbs ending in -ar, -er and -ir.

The regular verbs below are listed in order of frequency of use.

No. Spanish English
1 pasar to pass, to spend (time), to happen
2 deber to owe, must, should, ought to
3 quedar to stay, remain
4 hablar to speak
5 llevar to carry, bring
6 dejar to leave, abandon, to let, allow
7 llamar to call, to name
8 tomar to take, drink
9 vivir to live
10 tratar to treat, handle
11 mirar to watch, look at
12 esperar to wait for, to hope
13 existir to exist
14 entrar to enter, go in, come in
15 trabajar to work
16 ocurrir to occur, happen
17 recibir to receive, to welcome, greet
18 terminar to finish, end
19 permitir to permit, allow
20 necesitar to need, require
21 resultar to turn out (to be)
22 cambiar to change
23 presentar to introduce
24 crear to create, to make
25 considerar to consider