Spanish Verbs Beginning with O

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 obcecar to blind
2 obedecer to obey
3 objetar to object
4 obligar to oblige
5 obliterar to obliterate, to erase
6 obrar to build, to work
7 obsequiar to give a gift
8 observar to observe
9 obsesionar to obsess, to haunt
10 obstinar to insist
11 obstruir to obstruct
12 obtener to obtain, get
13 obturar to block
14 obviar to eliminate, eliminating, get rid of, redress
15 ocasionar to cause, to bring, to out
16 ocluir to occlude
17 ocultar to hide
18 ocupar to occupy
19 ocurrir to occur, happen
20 odiar to hate
21 ofender to offend
22 ofertar to offer
23 oficiar to officiate
24 ofrecer to offer
25 ofrendar to offer up
26 ofuscar to dazzle, to blind
27 oír to hear
28 ojear to look at
29 oler to smell
30 olfatear to smell, to sniff
31 olvidar to forget
32 omitir to omit, to overlook
33 ondear to wave, to waver
34 ondular to wave
35 opacar to make opaque
36 operar to operate
37 opinar to think
38 oponer to oppose
39 opositar to take a competitive examination
40 oprimir to oppress, to press
41 optar to opt
42 optimizar to optimize
43 orar to pray
44 ordenar to tidy up, to sort out, to order
45 organizar to organize
46 orientar to orient
47 originar to cause, to lead to, to appear
48 orinar to urinate, to piss
49 ornamentar to adorn
50 ornar to adorn