Spanish Verbs Beginning with N

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 nacer to be born
2 nacionalizar to nationalize, to naturalize
3 nadar to swim
4 narrar to narrate, to tell
5 naturalizar to naturalize
6 naufragar to be shipwrecked, to suffer wreck
7 nausear to nauseate
8 navegar to navigate, sail
9 necear to mess around
10 necesitar to need, require
11 negar to deny, refuse
12 negociar to negotiate
13 neutralizar to neutralize
14 nevar to snow
15 nidificar to nest
16 nivelar to level, to grade, to make even
17 nombrar to name
18 nominar to nominate, to name
19 noquear to knock out
20 normalizar to normalize
21 notar to note, notice, observe
22 noticiar to inform
23 notificar to notify, to inform
24 novelar to write a novel about
25 nublar to become cloudy
26 numerar to number, to enumerate, to count
27 nutrir to nourish