Spanish Verbs Beginning with M

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 macerar to soak, to marinate
2 machacar to crush, to grind
3 machar to beat, to crush
4 machetear to cut, to chop, to cheat (Argentina)
5 machucar to bruise, to crush
6 madrugar to get up early
7 madurar to mature, to ripen
8 magnetizar to magnetize
9 magnificar to magnify
10 magullar to batter, to bruise
11 majar to crush
12 malbaratar to squander
13 malcriar to spoil, to bring up badly
14 maldecir to curse, to speak ill
15 malear to spoil, to change shape
16 maleficiar to damage, to harm, to injure
17 malgastar to squander, to waste
18 malherir to hurt to death
19 maliciar to suspect
20 malograr to waste (opportunity)
21 maltratar to mistreat, to maltreat
22 malvender to undersell
23 malversar to embezzle
24 mamar to suck, to nurse
25 manar to pour
26 manchar to stain, to smudge, to sully
27 mancomunar to join together
28 mandar to order (give an order), to send
29 manejar to drive, operate, to manage (a person)
30 manifestar to declare
31 manipular to manipulate, to handle, to operate
32 manosear to tamper
33 mantener to maintain, get
34 manufacturar to manufacture
35 manuscribir to write by hand
36 maquillar to put make-up on, make up (someone)
37 maquinar to machinate, to plot
38 maravillar to amaze
39 marcar to mark, stamp, to show, indicate
40 marchar to walk, to march, to go
41 marear to make sick
42 mascar to chew
43 masticar to chew
44 matar to kill, slaughter
45 materializar to materialize
46 matizar to match
47 matricular to register, enroll
48 mear to piss, to pee
49 mecanizar to mechanize
50 mecer to swing, to rock, to sway