Spanish Verbs Beginning with F

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 fabricar to manufacture
2 facilitar to provide, to make easy
3 facturar to invoice, to bill for
4 facultar to authorize, empower
5 fallar to fail
6 fallecer to pass away
7 falsear to falsify, to distort, to pick
8 falsificar to falsify, to make false, to forge
9 faltar to lack, be lacking, be missing
10 familiarizar to famirialize
11 farfullar to mumble
12 fascinar to fascinate, captivate
13 fastidiar to annoy
14 fatigar to tire, to fatigue
15 favorecer to favor
16 felicitar to congratulate
17 feriar to exchange
18 fermentar to ferment
19 fertilizar to fertilize
20 festejar to celebrate
21 fiar to guarantee
22 figurar to figure, to form, to represent
23 fijar to fix, fasten, secure
24 filmar to film
25 filosofar to philosophize
26 filtrar to percolate
27 finalizar to finish
28 financiar to finance
29 fingir to fake, feign, pretend
30 firmar to sign
31 fiscalizar to supervise, to control
32 fisgar to pry
33 flamear to flutter, to flap
34 flanquear to flank
35 flechar to draw, to wound with an arrow
36 flexionar to flex
37 flirtear to flirt
38 florecer to flourish, flower, bloom
39 flotar to float
40 fluctuar to fluctuate, to vary
41 fluir to flow, to run
42 foliar to foliate, to number
43 fomentar to promote
44 fondear to anchor
45 forjar to forge, to create, to shape
46 formalizar to formalize
47 formar to form, shape, fashion, make
48 formatear to format
49 formular to formulate
50 forrar to line, to cover