Spanish Verbs Beginning with E

Irregular verb forms

No. Spanish English
1 echar to throw, cast, fling
2 eclipsar to upstage
3 economizar to economize, to save
4 edificar to build
5 editar to edit, to publish
6 educar to educate, to bring up (children)
7 educir to deduct, to infer
8 efectuar to effect, carry out, bring about
9 egresar to leave, to pass, to graduate
10 ejecutar to perform, to carry out
11 ejemplificar to exemplify
12 ejercer to exercise, to practice (a profession), to manage
13 ejercitar to exercise, to train
14 elaborar to manufacture, to elaborate
15 electrificar to electrify
16 electrizar to electrify
17 electrocutar to electrocute
18 elegir to elect, choose
19 elevar to raise
20 eliminar to eliminate, remove, get rid of
21 elogiar to praise
22 eludir to evade, to avoid
23 emanar to emanate
24 emancipar to emancipate
25 embadurnar to daub
26 embalar to pack, to crate
27 embalsamar to embalm
28 embarcar to embark, to ship, to engage
29 embargar to seize, to distrain
30 embaucar to trick, to con (informal)
31 embeber to soak in/ up, to suck in
32 embelesar to captivate
33 embellecer to embellish
34 embestir to attack
35 embetunar to polish, to put polish on
36 embobar to hold spellbound
37 embocar to get/put in the basket (ball), to hole (golf)
38 embonar to fit, join
39 emboquillar to point
40 emborrachar to get (someone) drunk
41 emborronar to smudge, to blot
42 emboscar to ambush
43 embotar to dull
44 embotellar to bottle
45 embozar to mantle
46 embragar to engage the clutch
47 embrear to pitch, to tar
48 embriagar to intoxicate, to get drunk
49 embrollar to tangle, to complicate
50 embromar to pester, to hassle