Spanish Pronunciation Guide with Audio

Unlike English, Spanish pronunciation is always consistent, so once you know the rules you will always know how to pronounce a new Spanish word.

How To Pronounce Spanish Letters

The table below only shows the letters that are pronounced differently from the English, all other letters are the same as the English. Click on the examples to hear the Spanish pronunciation audio.

Letter Pronunciation Example
a As the a in father amigo
c th when before e or i, like the c in cat all other times cinco
d As the d in dog at the start of a word or following an l or n. Between d and th all other times de
e As the e in bet español
g As the h in hat before e or i, the g in game all other times inteligente
h silent hoy
i As the i in machine inteligente
j As an English h mujer
ll As the y in beyond llamar
ñ As the ny in canyon niño
o As the o in slope primero
q As the k in key que
r As an English r with a slight roll restaurante
rr As r but with a full roll cerrado
u As oo in too uno
v As an English b ver
z As an English th cerveza

Word Stress

As with the letter pronunciation the word stress, or emphasis, always follows predictable rules. Accents (e.g. á) mark the stressed syllable if the stress is irregular. Note that ñ is a seperate letter in Spanish NOT an accent.

Stressed Syllable When Example
last Words ending in a consonant hospital
last but one Words ending in a vowel, -s or -n banco
on the accent Any words that have an accent (note - ñ is not a stress accent) también

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