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Forming Spanish Plurals

Here are a few simple rules to help you make any Spanish noun into a plural.

Just like in English, you can simply add –s to many Spanish words to make them into a plural. Any noun that ends with an unstressed syllable can be made into a plural just by adding -s.

la playa the beach
las playas the beaches
el baile the dance
los bailes the dances

When the word ends with a consonant, you need to add –es to the singular to make it plural (NB the stress remains on the same syllable in the plural, but the accent is removed):

la producción the production
las producciones the productions
el autobús the bus
los autobuses the buses
café – cafés coffee shop/s
mamá – mamás mum/s (mother/s)
papá – papás dad/s (father/s)
pie – pies foot/feet
té – tes tea/s

Nouns ending in –z change this to c in plurals:

la luz the light
las luces the lights
la cicatriz the scar
las cicatrices the scars

Nouns with a final syllable ending in s which is not stressed do not change in the plural:

un paraguas an umbrella
unos paraguas umbrellas (or some umbrellas)
el lunes Monday
los lunes Mondays