100 Most Common French Verbs

This is a good place for beginners to find the most common French verbs to learn. The order of the list is an approximation based on a variety of sources.

For more verbs, all with full conjugations, see the full list of French verbs

Irregular verbs are in red

No. Verb English
51 présenter to present, to introduce Conjugate
52 accepter to accept Conjugate
53 agir to act Conjugate
54 poser to put down, to pose, to lay (something) down Conjugate
55 jouer to play, to act, to gamble Conjugate
56 reconnaître to recognize, to acknowledge Conjugate
57 choisir to choose, to select Conjugate
58 toucher to touch, to feel, to affect Conjugate
59 aimer to like, to love Conjugate
60 retrouver to find, to regain, to meet up Conjugate
61 perdre to lose, to waste Conjugate
62 expliquer to explain, to account for Conjugate
63 considérer to consider, to study Conjugate
64 ouvrir to open (up) Conjugate
65 gagner to win, to gain, to earn Conjugate
66 exister to exist Conjugate
67 refuser to refuse Conjugate
68 lire to read Conjugate
69 réussir to succeed Conjugate
70 changer to change, to alter Conjugate
71 travailler to work Conjugate
72 représenter to represent, to depict, to portray Conjugate
73 assurer to secure, to assure, to insure Conjugate
74 essayer to try, to attempt Conjugate
75 empêcher to prevent, to stop Conjugate