100 Most Common French Verbs

This is a good place for beginners to find the most common French verbs to learn. The order of the list is an approximation based on a variety of sources.

For more verbs, all with full conjugations, see the full list of French verbs

Irregular verbs are in red

No. Verb English
26 continuer to continue Conjugate
27 penser to think Conjugate
28 suivre to follow, to pay attention Conjugate
29 connaître to know, to be acquainted with Conjugate
30 croire to believe (in) Conjugate
31 commencer to begin, to start, to commence Conjugate
32 compter to count Conjugate
33 entendre to hear, to understand Conjugate
34 attendre to wait, to expect Conjugate
35 remettre to put back (on), to replace, to deliver Conjugate
36 appeler to call, to contact Conjugate
37 permettre to permit, to allow, to enable Conjugate
38 occuper to occupy, to take up (space/time) Conjugate
39 devenir to become, to grow (into), to turn (into) Conjugate
40 partir to leave, to depart, to proceed Conjugate
41 décider to decide, to persuade Conjugate
42 arriver to arrive, to happen Conjugate
43 servir to serve Conjugate
44 sembler to seem Conjugate
45 revenir to return, to come back Conjugate
46 laisser to leave, to allow, to let Conjugate
47 recevoir to receive, to welcome Conjugate
48 répondre to answer, to reply Conjugate
49 vivre to live Conjugate
50 rappeler to call back, to remind Conjugate