English Verbs Starting with S

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to spin span / spun spun
to spiritualize spiritualized spiritualized
to spit spat / spat spat
to split split split
to spoil spoilt spoilt / spoiled
to sprain sprained sprained
to spray sprayed sprayed
to spread spread spread
to spring sprang / sprung sprung
to squat squatted squatted
to squeeze squeezed squeezed
to stabilize stabilized stabilized
to stamp stamped stamped
to stand stood stood
to standardize standardized standardized
to start started started
to startle startled startled
to state stated stated
to stave staved staved
to stave staved staved
to stay stayed stayed
to steady steadied steadied
to steal stole stolen
to stem stemmed stemmed
to step stepped stepped
to sterilize sterilized sterilized
to stick stuck stuck
to stigmatize stigmatized stigmatized
to sting stung stung
to stink stank / stunk stunk
to stink stank / stunk stunk
to stitch stitched stitched
to stop stopped stopped
to store stored stored
to strengthen strengthened strengthened
to stress stressed stressed
to strew strewed strewn / strewed (u)
to strike struck struck
to string strung strung
to strip stripped stripped
to strive strove (e) / strived (u) striven (e) / strived (u)
to struggle struggled struggled
to strum strummed strummed
to strut strutted strutted
to study studied studied
to stumble stumbled stumbled
to stylize stylized stylized
to submit submitted submitted
to subsidize subsidized subsidized
to substitute substituted substituted
to succeed succeeded succeeded
to suffer suffered suffered
to suffice sufficed sufficed
to suggest suggested suggested
to suit suited suited
to summarize summarized summarized
to supervize supervized supervized
to supply supplied supplied
to support supported supported
to suppose supposed supposed
to surpass surpassed surpassed
to surprise surprised surprised
to surprise surprised surprised
to surrender surrendered surrendered
to surround surrounded surrounded
to survey surveied surveied
to survive survived survived
to suspect suspected suspected
to suspend suspended suspended
to sustain sustained sustained
to swallow swallowed swallowed
to swap swapped swapped
to swear swore sworn
to sweat sweated / sweat sweated / sweat
to sweep swept swept
to swell swelled swollen / swelled
to swim swam swum
to swing swung swung
to symbolize symbolized symbolized
to symbolize symbolized symbolized
to sympathize sympathized sympathized
to synchronize synchronized synchronized
to synthesize synthesized synthesized