English Verbs Starting with S

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to sacrifice sacrificed sacrificed
to sail sailed sailed
to satirize satirized satirized
to satirize satirized satirized
to satisfy satisfied satisfied
to save saved saved
to saw sawed sawn / sawed (u)
to say said said
to scald scalded scalded
to scale scaled scaled
to scandalize scandalized scandalized
to scare scared scared
to score scored scored
to scrape scraped scraped
to scream screamed screamed
to scrub scrubbed scrubbed
to scrutinize scrutinized scrutinized
to search searched searched
to seat seated seated
to secularize secularized secularized
to secure secured secured
to seduce seduced seduced
to see saw seen
to seek sought sought
to seem seemed seemed
to seethe seethed seethed
to seize seized seized
to select selected selected
to sell sold sold
to send sent sent
to sensitize sensitized sensitized
to sensualize sensualized sensualized
to sentence sentenced sentenced
to separate separated separated
to serve served served
to set set set
to settle settled settled
to sew sewed sewn / sewed
to sex sexed sexed
to shake shook shaken
to shape shaped shaped
to share shared shared
to shave shaved shaved
to shave shaved shaved
to shear sheared sheared
to shed shed shed
to shift shifted shifted
to shine shone / shined shone / shined
to ship shipped shipped
to shock shocked shocked
to shoe shoed / shod shoed / shod
to shoot shot shot
to shop shopped shopped
to shorten shortened shortened
to shout shouted shouted
to shovel shovelled / shovelled shovelled
to show showed shown
to shower showered showered
to shrivel shrivelled / shrivelled shrivelled
to shrug shrugged / shrugged shrugged
to shut shut shut
to sign signed signed
to signal signalled signalled
to signify signified signified
to sing sang sung
to sink sank sunk
to sit sat sat
to size sized sized
to skate skated skated
to ski ski ski
to skid skidded skidded
to slaughter slaughtered slaughtered
to sleep slept slept
to slide slid slid / slidden
to slip slipped slipped
to slit slit slit
to slow slowed slowed
to smash smashed smashed
to smear smeared smeared
to smell smelt / smelled smelt / smelled
to smile smiled smiled
to smoke smoked smoked
to snivel snivelled / snivelled snivelled
to snow snowed snowed
to soar soared soared
to solemnize solemnized solemnized
to solve solved solved
to sort sorted sorted
to sound sounded sounded
to sovietize sovietized sovietized
to sow sowed sown / sowed (u)
to spark sparked sparked
to sparkle sparkled sparkled
to spatialize spatialized spatialized
to speak spoke spoken
to specialize specialized specialized
to speed sped / speeded sped / speeded
to spell spelt / spelled spelt / spelled
to spend spent spent
to spill spilt / spilled spilt / spilled

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