French Verbs Starting with B

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 babiller to prattle, to babble, to gossip Conjugate
2 bâcler to botch Conjugate
3 badauder to stroll about Conjugate
4 badigeonner to whitewash Conjugate
5 badiner to trifle with, to jest Conjugate
6 bafouer to scoff, to jeer at Conjugate
7 bafouiller to splutter Conjugate
8 bâfrer to guzzle Conjugate
9 bagarrer to wrangle, to scuffle Conjugate
10 baguenauder to go for a stroll Conjugate
11 baigner to bathe, to give a bath Conjugate
12 bailler to yawn Conjugate
13 bâiller to yawn, to gape Conjugate
14 bâillonner to gag, to muzzle Conjugate
15 baiser to kiss, to have sex (fam) Conjugate
16 baisoter to peck Conjugate
17 baisser to lower, to fade, to decline Conjugate
18 balader to walk around, drive around Conjugate
19 balafrer to gash, to slash Conjugate
20 balancer to balance, to throw Conjugate
21 balayer to sweep, to clear out Conjugate
22 balbutier to mumble Conjugate
23 baliser to bouy, to mark out Conjugate
24 ballonner to swell, to puff out Conjugate
25 ballotter to shake about, to toss Conjugate